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Imginn – Best Instagram Stories, Photos & Videos Downloader 2023

Imginn – Best Instagram Stories, Photos & Videos Downloader 2023

Imginn also known as StoriesIG is an online platform that helps users to watch and download Instagram posts and stories anonymously. Instagram users will not know that someone has visited their account and viewed their data.

Instagram is a popular social media app but it does not allow users to download its data like stories, pictures, and videos. Many people have their idols on Instagram and they want to save their latest pictures and videos but they can not do it as there is no option to download or save data in a gallery.

Many apps are available that allow users to save Instagram stories and posts but not all of them are legal. They are filled with too many ads or do not save all the data in the gallery. That’s when it comes to mind.

This article will give you detailed information about imgnn including its benefits, how to use it, and most asked questions. So let’s begin.


What is Imginn?

It is an online platform that allows all users to view and download Instagram’s posts and stories into their devices anonymously without even creating an Instagram account. Users can view multiple accounts and download their data and legal Instagram users will never know that someone has viewed their account or saved their data.

The main aim of this platform is to make Instagram users, videos, and photos more accessible, discoverable, and usable for the public benefit. It also displays analytics of Instagram accounts free of cost without authorization and registration.

How Imginn Does It Work?


This platform uses APIs as Instagram has made all the profile APIs public for the whole internet. Through the APIs this platform allows users to view and download posts and stories of Instagram accounts. This website has some useful features that allow anyone to use it without any prior knowledge. Let’s review these amazing features.

  • Imginn allows users to view and download anyone’s stories and posts anonymously
  • To access Instagram accounts, users do not need to own one
  • Users can repost the downloaded data on any platform
  • Users can watch multiple Live videos without getting noticed
  • Any type of post whether it is a photo or video can be downloaded
  • Users can easily back up all the data manually

How to Use Imginn?

This platform is easy to use because of its easy-to-access interface and creative features. Simply adhere to the instructions listed below to get started.

1. Open a browser
2. Type Imginn in the search bar for optimized search results
3. Open the first link that does not have an Ad tag on the top
4. Once the website is loaded, you will see a search bar on the website
5. Type any Instagram public account whose posts and stories you want to view and enter Search
The account data will be in front of your eyes and you can view then anonymously

Benefits of Using Imgnn

1. Here is the list of ultimate perks that you will get by using this platform so have a look at them.
2. Users Do Not Need A Instagram Account – allows users to view Instagram account’s photos, videos, and stories
3. User Stays Anonymous – legal Instagram users will never know that an anonymous person has viewed or saved their data
4. Save All Types of Posts – besides viewing, it allows users to save the posts and stories on their devices without any limit
5. Free of Cost – allows users to access all the features and save data without charging any penny


Limitations of imginn

If you are expecting that you can use this platform through a private account then you are wrong. This app does not allow users to access the information of public Instagram accounts individually. Also, you can only access the information of public accounts through their official APIs. You can not repost or reshare the content through the app without downloading it.

First, you need to download all the data on your device that you want to upload or repost.
Users can not like or comment on the posts that they view anonymously. Moreover, users can not view the number of likes and comments on posts. This platform does not have any privacy policy or concern about protecting users’ data. This means your data can get lost or hacked.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Have a look at some frequently asked questions to clear up confusion about this app.

Can I Download Photos and Videos From Instagram Using this App?

Yes, you can download public Instagram account photos and videos by posting their links in the search bar.
Can I Use the Downloaded Data? Yes, you can use the data that you have downloaded from Instagram on other platforms. But remember it is not legal to do this as the owner can claim plagiarism.

Can I View Private Insta Story?

Instagram only shares APIs of public accounts that’s why it is not possible to view the data of accounts that are private.

Do I Need to Create an Account to Access all the Features?

No, you do not need to create an account on this platform to access its features. It is a free app and does not charge a penny from people to allow them to download the data they want.

Is this Imginn Safe to Use?

This is a third-party platform that’s why it is not completely safe to use. Imginn uses public Instagram APIs to allow users to view the data without logging into the official platform. But still, there is no guarantee of data hacking and browser safety. So use this platform at your risk.

Can this Platform Hack Your Data

Being a third-party app there is no guarantee of data security. According to your usage, you can be vulnerable to getting hacked. This app has a low-security score as described by the online security tools. This app has a minimal UI that allows users to view Instagram profiles without any privacy policy. It generates revenue through ads and operates all the functions using APIs given by Instagram.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

This platform is for people who want to get information about public Instagram accounts without joining the platform or getting noticed. They can download the data to repost for legal purposes as Instagram itself does not allow people to save the data. But Imginn is not a safe platform. It can damage the private data of users if they use the app frequently or access multiple accounts at the same time.

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